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ARCO Mini Bike, 3Hp Briggs and Stratton Engine, Will It Start?

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16 Replies to “ARCO Mini Bike, 3Hp Briggs and Stratton Engine, Will It Start?”

  1. Dick Simmons

    Got one for my Granddaughter … hey, how do I ask you a question on a 1986 Honda TRX250 4-stroke ?? I have what I think is an intermittent ignition problem ?? I guess, just how do I contact you with any questions ??

  2. Dorito and The LuchaCabre

    Heyas Harvey imma having wiring harness issues gonna view you videos but still might need to msg you we are at a loss

  3. Rasta B Tv

    Cool mini bike . I'd like to see you get it going and driving it around your property. Should make a quick look around for parts etc. real easy you can squeeze in tighter spaces. Build a detachable basket to carry things back and it should work out fine. .
    Be blessed Jah Rastafari Selassie I Jah


    i have kinda the same engine 3 hrs has the carb on it with the tank thats mounts to the carb nt sure if that would help you or not its a brings same color

  5. wtbm123

    A lot of cheap china carbs for them . that carb is simple . TAKE emulsion tube out of bottom before trying to take the top off that carb . Use a jet screw driver or one with the little bit on the end . The taper part of emulsion tube seat in carb , so tighten and loosen a few times to be sure it will seal well before last tighten . or it will leak fuel when engine is shut off .

  6. Aaron Martin TV

    Harvey If you want to make that thing run get a spare intake boot off of a old 200s motor swapped out onto that and put one of your Chinese knock-off carbs on there with a air filter and it won't run good.

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