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Abandoned – Colorado Springs International Speedway Part 1

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We found out afterwords that this is the ‘Colorado Springs International Speedway’ from 1974/75 to 1985.

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7 Replies to “Abandoned – Colorado Springs International Speedway Part 1”

  1. DDS029

    I think the actual name was Colorado National Speedway. The person who built the track, raced some himself and was quite instrumental in Rick Carrelli's career. He stayed in racing for about another 15-20 years. I wouldn't feel right just blabbing who it was, but I got to know him when he owned Carrelli's team as they moved up the racing ladder.

  2. Larry Lehman

    Spent a lot of Saturday nights at that track in the early 80s.use to sweep the track.seen Donnie and Bobby Allison race there one Memorial Day weekend.high plains drifter Rick carrelli use to run the jolly rancher car back in the day along with crazy Herman in the pink #8 also known as mike bonnicelli.

  3. Station

    Hey , great video! im stoked to check this out. Any tips on approach? I see its just off the highway. Is it safe to park at the green gate? did you walk – if so, how far was the hike?

  4. Brenda Baker

    I went to this track every Saturday night. They had some a great races there.I wish it was still there to race at. My family would still be there every Saturday night.

  5. 2themoon

    That metal structure you were standing on, was the flag stand for the flagman so you were on the front stretch of the old CSIS track…

  6. nastyevilninja

    That's awesome!  I'd love to discover something like that – it'd be like being a kid again! 😀

    So I guess that place only hosted the smaller meetings?  I notice there isn't much banking…  So the 'runway' was a drag strip?

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