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5 Telltale Signs of a Bad Used Motorcycle

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Buying a used bike, or a lemon? Here are 5 methods to Sherlock your way into a good buy. Mechanical, electrical, psychological – it’s all elementary, my dear Watson.

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45 Replies to “5 Telltale Signs of a Bad Used Motorcycle”

  1. Karam Singh

    Some asshole watched this video and came to buy my motorcycle. We let the motorcycle run for 10 min waiting for fan to kick in, it never did. Temp never went over 180 . Oh I maintain my bike per recommendation of manufacturer

  2. M XP

    So the battery would be a good 12V prior to starting thanks to a recent cheeky charge, but during the ride it will drop if the alternator is knackered. Where else should you employ the multimeter?

  3. PergFilm

    Holy fuck i watched just 10 seconds of this vid and just from hearing this thunder cunt for that long i can tell he is absolutely clue less about riding anything other than fucking horse cock which I'm sure this fag puff does great at!!! The last thing this fucker should be doing is given anyone advice on how to ride or work on a motorcycle and your video is dog shit! P.S this dude looks Just like the Sloths Mom off the Goonies, Mama Fratelli!! Long live the goonies and the fuck with this dick lick!!

  4. Mark James

    I love it! I thought I was the only one to use #5 (the show). I did the same thing a couple of times. One time I checked things, Said "Hmm" a couple times then told Him everything was OK and it STILL worked on Him. He offered to sell it to Me for $500 less even AFTER I said it was OK. Yes, it really works.

  5. Mendax23

    Great video, however, it would be nice to find a bike that is not as spotless as yours and actually shows some of those problems 😉

  6. PJ OJ

    Service your bike at a trusted mechanic that uses OEM parts for your beast. Have a good maintenance history and u should be fine. And thanks for the upgrade

  7. Tony Jackson

    If you want to buy a showroom condition bike, just buy a new one. Anything on the used market that is that good is probably too expensive for what it is anyway. If someone has taken that good care of it, they probably think it is worth more than it is.

  8. heffoandjuff

    When I buy a used street motorcycle I always feel under the fenders and if I detect dried mud I wont buy it. Street bikes are not really made to be ridden in the mud,,,but that just me. Great video!!

  9. ElDiablo 204

    I bet this guy got bullied alot in school. Also aftermarket parts are probably one of the first things people do when buying a bike. Doesnt mean anything

  10. andrew davis

    this guy never had a first bike. and no… i do not suspect he came out of the womb with a condescending douche bag. thanks for the time invested in whatever this is. poor guy.

  11. Ryan Dixon

    Lol dude. Your videos are epic and so well themed. Your ass needs to expand in scope. The wit is there. The quality is there. The content is there. Move beyond bikes

  12. Christian Gerdes-Wocken

    Very good! I also always ask for the bike to be cold, with a simple warning. Isnt the bike cold, I will immediatly turn on the heel and leave. Most the time I only get suspicious looks and a Questionmark on the sellers face. But you got it totaly right, a coldstart tells more about the engine in a splitsecond that two hours of ride could.

  13. lil' Cheese

    So, watching this, my 50 year old cl90, fails most of these. It leaks, tires are old af and mix matched/slimed, chain and bike are rusty, no blinkers, doesn't idle, and makes noises that allows you to know this fossil, is still breathing… and I ride it every day with no issue

  14. Nick

    That feeling when your bike was genuinely dropped by the previous owner.
    I got it cheaper for this reason, and knew I wouldn't feel so bad dropping it as I would a new and unblemished bike.

  15. Jithin Jacob

    I'm kinda against used bikes, if I can't afford a new one then how the hell am I gonna afford to maintain it. I respect my ride.

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