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5 Motorcycle Camping Myths Debunked

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Good camping gear costs too much. Not enough room to pack my gear. No real bathrooms. No electricity. No room for a tent on the bike… Let’s debunk these motorcycle camping myths!

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42 Replies to “5 Motorcycle Camping Myths Debunked”

  1. Darrell Grisham

    Do a lot of camping on motorcycles and scooters. Just get it from Wall Mart because not staying for months at a time. Cold gets old real fast. Most of the time wanting a hot cup of your choice is the most important time of day. Alcohol stove, Sterno grill, done. Get your fuel in the paint department of any hard ware store. Klean Strip Denatured Alcohol FUEL lites easy and is cheap. REI is over kill and costs way to much. How often you will be going, and if you work for a living early summer or late spring is the time of year. I camp from a Honda 1997 Helix scooter and I have more fun than a bear doing a bee hive. Happy camping and keep it simple, beer is most of time just a short hop.

  2. Chetin Basaran

    I purchased 2 person dome tent from k-mart in 1974. US Army issue down sleeping bag, mess kit and stove from "A&N" near Ft. Bragg for next to nothing the same year. All my gear packed nicely on Honda CB450. I still use same gear in 2018, though the bike is now a 1700 Nomad.

  3. Morte Parla

    Get a real wool blanket. They itch some people, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING beats a wool blanket. Even soaking wet, with 100% water saturation, the blanket will still hold 83% of your body heat in. Most non-wool blankets don't even hold that much dry.

    I'm also throwing this in there just because; I don't understand camping at camping grounds. Isn't the point of camping to get away from people and modern amenities? Go down some dirt path in the middle of nowhere, find a clearing in the woods, and make camp. That's camping. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Michael-Michael Motorcycle

    If you have a battery tender hookup on your bike (most are factory installed on newer bikes) the company that makes the battery tenders does make a plug in usb connector that you can use to charge your phone. They also have cigarette lighter style connector for other accessories or dual usb connectors. They work great I used it all of the time on my 2013 softail deluxe prior to upgrading to a 2017 streetglide. Now I have a fairing and all of the modern gadgetry, USB ports etc..

    Keep it up ddfm!

  5. dominic coscarelli

    I have a iron 883 and i pack alot of stuff on it for work with just a small luggage rack on the fender no sissybar. I starp my cooler to it and all my other stuff to the cooler and i wear a back pack I'm going to get saddle bags soon. But your self a ggod pack. Go to cheaper than dirt. Good prices there . Got a military style pack for 30$ big and can over stuffed.

  6. Moors Hound

    For crying out loud please people just go back to the 70's. people back then just had a wool blanket a roll mat a metal mug a couple tins of beans & a bottle of whiskey & if you want to be posh a tooth brush! be dirty be a proper scooter tramp fuck what the rest of the world thinks of you ride hard roll free. just go to army surplus stores you can get all you need for less then £100

  7. will s

    I used a fuse splitter and ran 12v wire under the tank and mounted a 12v to 5v USB port where the bars mount w double sided tape. Got it from auto zone. You can barely see it. I have a 1200c.

  8. morningstaR x

    I actually do have a USB port that I installed off of the tender cable. If you do it, be sure to get one that shows volts/amps.
    Its honestly one of the best features I've ever added to a bike.

  9. Etienne Louw

    In South Africa panniers are expensive so I sowed 2 cheap backpacks together as home made panniers with extra velcro straps for security and to keep them from going into the rear wheel. Works well and I have tested them at 120 kilometers per hour (70mph) and they carry almost everything I need to carry. easy on and off.

  10. Seth D99

    Bushnell Roam 2 Man Backpacking tent will beat REI by $300. Any Coleman Sleeping bag. Air Mattress. GruntStyle Pancho Liner x2. BRS3000 stove. Stanley Adventure Cook Set. 40S&W.

  11. Chris S.

    for device charging, I'll use an anker PowerCore+ 26800 battery pack if it's a day or 2 or less. Lots of capacity, and quick charge 3, so your QC3 compatible device will get a serious charge just over dinner. For longer trips, I use the Battery Tender 081-0158 Black Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger Dongle (available just about anywhere). it's a cheap thrill ($10 or less) and works great.

  12. Robert Weisskopf

    I ride a goldwing and have a 12v outlet in a fairing pocket that I run a power cord to from my phone and I added another in the trunk. I use SAE fittings and can swap from cigar lighter outlet to USB. My phone stays charged as does my Kindle or anything else I might want. you can wire them to work with the ignition (the front pocket) or keep them live all the time. YOur bikes battery would have to be in very sad shape to be drained by your kindle. There are battery operated and travel sized CPAPs but they are very expensive. I havent looked into it but you could probably charge your CPAP battery from the bike during the day and have it ready to use when you sleep.

  13. ExileOrDeath

    My zzr250 has a small sort of storage space on the left side of the fairing surrounding the instrument cluster. I built in a 12 volt outlet , just the normal cig liter ones you get in your car. Works great to charge my phone with when needed. The phone as well as the USB adapter fits in that storage space. Just a nice little way to "modernize" an old bike.

  14. NightPoint

    Dan Dan FTR1200 Street is coming 2019! Would love to hear what you think about that (seeing as you loved the idea of it). Ride safe brother. Thank you. P.S I WANT the FTR1200.

  15. Chris Amundson

    Hey dan i was wondering if you could do a video on the 2017 harley-davidson Street Glide i want to buy it when i get the finance

  16. Charles Turner

    Harley makes a battery tender to USB adapter so you can ride your bike while charging your phone. I’ll do it quite a bit on my longer rides and especially while I’m motorcycle camping. It also never stops charging it which is nice even if it’s off. It’s not even that expensive it’s 20 bucks and it’s plug and play. A second option is you can install a 12 volt car charger type outlet on your bike. It just means wiring it up. I highly recommend buying one with a fuse or if you’re an electrician wire it up yourself with a fuse. If you buy a premade one it’s just running the wires and correctly hooking it up.

  17. Great Egret

    Hammock camping rocks! I find a lot of quality gear on eBay or Craigslist. Sure, it's used, but I bought a MSR Hubba (MSRP $380) from a dude on eBay for $100. The tent was like new when I bought it. Great tent too. I find all kinds of great gear at REI garage sales (where they sell all the returned gear). A sleeping bag is one of those things that I wouldn't cheap out on and always buy new. If weather permits, the more compact the better.

  18. Rick Brinkman

    On my bike, I'm never more than 50 miles from a gas station, so packing lots of food/water/beer all day makes no sense. I eat as I ride and buy JUST what I need for around the campfire. I DO carry water, jerky, and a granola bar for an emergency use.
    Another place for camping gear is Ebay. Do some research and buy used gear.

  19. joserubenvega

    I’m interesting in camping so all these videos will be very helpful!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see all your coming videos
    Got my tent and sleeping pad and pillow and sleeping bag and everything is so tiny fits very well

  20. qb

    For charging your phone from your bike. RAM is in some kind of conglomerate with Brodit (Swedish company) which makes docking solutions for your devices. I use one on my Raodster with ny phone. I'd recomend one definitely.

  21. Paleotango

    Backpacker here! TIP: Tents pack way way way smaller without the poles. strap the poles elsewhere to your gear and you'll be surprised how small the fabric of the tent becomes.

  22. Mark Smith

    When running from a hurricane, to shelter, I used a u-bolt to attach old ice chest to rack on Honda Grom , then sleeping bag, other than tent (which shelters don't allow) running from hurricane is like camping, Sleeping bag on concrete… Adam's poncho leanto is like the expensive Abel brown nomad tent, except without tub or screen.

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