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450 SX Highlights from St. Louis | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Eli Tomac scores a dominating win in St. Louis, winning by 20 seconds in the 450 main.


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450 SX Highlights from St. Louis | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS


33 Replies to “450 SX Highlights from St. Louis | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS”

  1. EarthSurferUSA

    Eli is cut from good cloth. His Dad, John Tomac, was the best Mt. Bike cross country racer in the world, by far in the mid 90's, (and good at Down Hill, also, which is more "moto like"). That is a even tougher sport than SX/MX endurance wise. Eli learned how rational hard work, works well,–from his Dad. How can he not?

  2. EarthSurferUSA

    I don't think Bowers was "rough riding" when he and Chad got together, (Chad going down). If you look closely, Bower turned as hard as he could right after he landed, but he could not turn enough, and they came together. It is more like, it was Chad passing Bowers, and left Bowers no where to go, (tight, rutted, apex corner leaves little room here).

  3. John Dowjotas

    Didnt see that as a boring race at all, Tomac is an animal. Whether the competition can keep up or not its just cool to watch him rip the track like that

  4. MOJO TV

    stop putting the winner on the cover of the video, nobody want to see the winner before looking at the race ! Seriously you spoiled my race !

  5. Christer Stefansson

    Malcom isnt even a top 15 guy. Pretty sure this is the last season we see the Stewarts. No way hes getting a ride for 2019 or even the outdors 2018…

  6. nik mxforever

    Tomac destroyed the field…… not much fast guys past 8th place, very sad seeing supercross diminish thanks to the four stroke

  7. TjetMoto

    That had to be a very aggressive pass from Tyler Bowers on Chad Reed. Plus they're battling for like 14th and you make a pass like that and end his night, disrespect man, makes me mad

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