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2019 Brose Magnesium Motor at Eurobike 2018 | Fazua, new Ghost bike + more | EMTB Forums

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Final day of Eurobike! I ride the new Fazua motor that is going into the new eZesty and test the new Brose Magnesium motor. My first Eurobike and it was epic!

Fo info, the Fazua complete motor package, including all controllers etc weighs a total of 4.7KG (the audio slightly misses this important number, apologies!).

Eurobike was AMAZING! Loved that we have the all new TQ powerhouse, punching at a heavy 120Nm of torque, then on contrast we have this svelte Fazua motor, 60Nm of torque in a light weigh package to retain as much of the characteristics of a standard MTB as possible.


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24 Replies to “2019 Brose Magnesium Motor at Eurobike 2018 | Fazua, new Ghost bike + more | EMTB Forums”

  1. Bob A

    Hello from the USA! How did you like that awesome Focus E-bike with the Fazua motor? Was it zippy off the line and how many NM of torque? At 17.5 kilos it must be an incredible feel for an E-bike! Thanks! Great work -you are doing great presentations! Keep it going please!

  2. Oliver Hawkins

    Over on EMTB-Forums home page Bulls is coming out with an EMTB with the same system at 15.9kg. Bulls sells in the US, unlike LaPierre.

  3. Dave

    Hi there .. great channel..
    having not rode a bike of any description in over 7 years .. not owned a bike for at least 10 years .. whilst on holiday in Mauritius I thought I'd try a 3 hour ride on an e mtb with a tour guide at the hotel and I absolutely loved it, safe to say I'm hooked and an e mtb is my next purchase … the bike I rode on was a trek and I thought it performed spectacularly.. all be it with my zero knowledge about e mtb's.. have watched a lot of videos on which bike to buy and find your channel really informative..
    Great job

  4. Carlos Martinez

    One question, could you tell me the model code (inside the leg) of the oakley sunglasses that you wear in the first minute of the video?

    Thank you

  5. Sam Tan

    I never really get the eBike….if all it gets you is a bit more power to "assist" you then just work harder to get fitter to help yourself then to have something do you that bit and you get 'less fit' if not just get a ebike that turbo you from point A to B without you pedaling. I feel this is such modern day "maid' to help you clean your house instead of you helping yourself to clean your house entirely syndrome. But to each their own.. I rather be powering and appreciating my own muscle legs to get me thru a ride.

  6. Grant Johnson

    The Fazua system is just what I want!!! I've had a Levo for about a year and a half and only really run it on trail mode. the lighter we can get these bike the better. I can't wait to see hat other brands start using it! On another note, I would love to see someone come out with a modular battery. So each module would not be over 160WH and you could "chain" them together. Then you can take them in the cabin with you on a plane. A big draw back to EMTB's are that it's impossible to fly with them. Also you could chose your weight. Lighter if you are just going for a quick ride aoround a park or add more cells for longer rides. You would think the companies would like to sell you more batteries = $$$ Great work on the videos. very informative. Keep it up!!!

  7. ansis maleckis

    e-bikes is the dumbest thing the bike industry has came up with so far. If you can't or don't want to pedal a bike yourself then get a motorcycle. And stay away from bike trails.

  8. dale m

    Geat Vids Rob. EBIKES are going massive. Spent today testing a couple . Levo v Giant. Tested the Trek 2 weeks ago so im looking sor a shimano motor next but so far the LEVO is the Bench mark for me………..

  9. Gareth Bream

    new to the e bike world ,very impressed with your vidios,do you think haibike have the best new concept this year?
    will thay have the e bike this year with the flyon bike with the tq motor??

  10. Alexis Hadjisoteriou

    Another amazing video – as someone who has done tons of research as I am about to buy my first full-suspension e-bike I am now left a little confused. As I am based in Cyprus we can exclude all the "mail order" companies like Canyon, Vitus etc as none will send to Cyprus (something to do with a ban on sending batteries by air). The main brands that are represented here are Trek, Focus, Ghost, Orbea and Haibike. I am a big fan of Trek (I am now on my 4th Trek MTB) and the dealer is very switched on to e-bikes – the new Powerfly range looks gorgeous "and/but" uses the Bosch motor. And here comes my question.
    The "theme" at Eurobike this year from your interviews is "decoupling" – Fazua made a big thing about it and so did TQ/Haibike. Bosch is meant to suffer from the "head-wind" effect when it reaches 25kph; From your experience testing all the various motors, how big a problem is it? If it is such a problem then why are so many bicycle manufacturers still using Bosch when there are so many other motors like Shimano, Brose and (now) Fazua that are better at decoupling? Your thoughts would be appreciated…

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