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2018 Trail Riding & Green Laning Highlights – Devon UK

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Some of the best bits from 2018’s days out around Devon and Cornwall’s green lane trails.

Featuring the well honed imbecility of: Sam, Tim, Peter BC, Ray, Scott, Paul, Nigel, R2, R1, John, Hugh, Peter L, Marc, Jack, Dave D, Gary, Colin R, Simon, Jake, Jeff, Mark, Ady, Dave L, Paul, Jamie, Colin J, Matt and Craig.

Bikes featured include: Yamaha WR250F, Yamaha WR450F, KTM 200EXC, KTM 500EXC, KTM 350EXC, KTM 400EXC, KTM 450EXC, KTM Freeride, KTM 690R, Kawasaki KDX220, Kawasaki KDX250, Beta 300RR, Beta X-Trainer, Husqvarna 350FE, Husqvarna 450FE and Honda CRF450R.

Filmed on legal vehicular rights of way around Devon UK and Cornwall UK in HD with GoPro Hero3 & Hero4 on a Chesty mount, helmet mount and GorillaPod.

We were courteous and polite to other road users, even the arsey ones who deserved nothing less than a damn good roosting.

A Scummy Devils Production.

11 Replies to “2018 Trail Riding & Green Laning Highlights – Devon UK”

  1. Dan Collins

    Another good video! Starting to recognise a couple of those lanes now I am getting out there a bit. Me (on my KTM) and my friend (on an xr) saw the guy with the sherco (I think) black jacket and white helmet around 9.45ish in Sainsbury's Newton Abbot fuel station this morning. Would have come said hello but we were a bit tight for time. Do you normally meet there on a Sunday? Would have been good to tag along. Cheers

  2. Adrian Shaw

    Ive looked forward to this vid since your last one …abso fucking love riding with my wife and the trails come a close second with you . Always welcome up here Tim . Top tour guide mate thank you so much .

  3. Michael

    great video mate done a lot of them lanes myself, did you do the devils staircase, the wr250f sounds nice, just sold mine and brought the husky te300, i hope i dont regret selling it, do you have a gpx file of the lanes you done, cheers mick

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