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2018 Specialized Crosstrail | Range Review | Tredz Bikes

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Quick, comfortable and versatile, the Specialized Crosstrail is ready for anything your morning commute or weekend ride throws at you.

We take a look at the range and what you can expect with each model.

Frame – 0:20
Fork – 0:44
Groupset – 1:10
Wheels – 1:55
Best For – 2:16

The Specialized Crosstrail range combines rapid road speed with off-road riding ability. The Crosstrail is a versatile hybrid bike that is designed to offer a comfortable, efficient ride on every surface from smooth tarmac roads to rough gravel tracks. Fast rolling 700c road bike wheels are matched to wider tyres for greater comfort, which also give greater control when combined with the suspension fork

Both aluminium alloy and carbon fibre composite frames are found in the Specialized Crosstrail range, featuring the same upright riding position that’s reminiscent of mountain bikes. Wide range gearing gives this hybrid bike the ability to go any distance you like too. We review the Specialized Crosstrail range, seeing its versatile character and a bike that offers comfort and efficiency wherever you choose to ride.

Balancing road bike efficiency and mountain bike versatility, the Specialized Crosstrail widens the world of cycling possibilities. It allows commuters to enjoy the benefits of a mountain bikes, where rougher surfaces aren’t an issue, while also keeping pace with traffic and other road users.

From the entry-level model Crosstrail Mechanical Disc all the way to the range-topping Expert Carbon, you’ll the same geometry, which gives a fantastic and capable riding experience no matter which one you get. Every model also has disc brakes, which help you have control in all weather conditions. For countryside adventures, taking on your daily routes through the city, or even forest trails, the Specialized Crosstrail will be that one bike that can handle it all and keep you smiling.


10 Replies to “2018 Specialized Crosstrail | Range Review | Tredz Bikes”

  1. marlon cordova

    Sorry to bother you I have a 2018 especialized hybrid crosstrail and I was wondering if I can switch my tires for ground control especialized tires for more rough terrain? These are more of a mountain bike tires but not Soo thick. If you know I gladly appreciate the advice. Thank you

  2. Specialized 29er

    Gord I sure do hope Specialized have the fitness brain all sorted.
    My new 2017 Specialized Crosstrail commuter bike has the fitness brain front fork system and its pure crap.
    The bike is mostly lovely well that is except for the fitness brain fork that's completely useless.
    I hate the fork that much I had it replaced with a 700c Rockshox Paragon fork.
    Very disappointing when you buy a new bike based on the fitness brain fork and the 2 x 10 gearing and then you find the fork is no farking good.

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